Northeast Backcountry Pt. 1 | January 28th & February 3rd

After a long January thaw winter returned to the northeast. Despite a rainy start to the storm, over two feet of snow fell within two days in Vermont. Casey and I headed out for Jay Peak, Vermont. We started our morning skiing some sidecountry off of the Flyer lift which had been closed the day before, offering us tons of fresh before the crowds got to it. 

After our favorite lines got skied out we went to a backcountry zone near the resort to chase the remaining fresh snow. After skiing the deepest east coast snow I've seen in awhile and getting tons of faceshots on the way down we decided we had enough time in the day to do some more exploring. We found ourselves on a steep and tight skin track followed by an even steeper bootpack up to a chute.

Photo by Casey Corrigan

The snow continued to fall throughout the week. Kevin and I got up early Friday morning before tending to our responsibilities. We went to a local zone near us in the Adirondacks. There was a gentle snowfall that had clearly been falling all night based on the mostly filled in skin track we were following. 

The further up we went the harder the snow fell. By the time we decided to ski the down I had to put my camera away because of how heavy the snowfall was. I'm not entirely sure how much snow there was but it was deep and it was light. This was the kind of snow you don't normally see out east.